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The Dunes in April

April 25, 2005

Wow what a great trip. We had a good turn out. Sam, Sarah, Jed, Katie, Jim, Eric, Joe, Micah, and Me. That trailer of Jed's is awesome. We got 8 Quads in it. And by putting His bike in the back of the truck we were able to carry all the quads and gear in 1 vehicle.

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Jared's First Dune trip

September 19, 2005

Absolutely incredible, the best two words for my first trip to the dunes with a few of the other four wheeler cowboys. Jed, Mike and myself. Also Harrison and Burke, and last but not least Jed's new girl friend. (by the way this is Jared). Well although Mike and Jed were a little disappointed with the sand it was pretty hard and the peaks had some pretty huge drifts so it was tough to find the perfect jumps, that Mike and Jed were accustomed to. But the riding was still great, and the weather was pretty good too. We found a jump that Jed and Mike liked quite a bit pretty early off, but after hitting it for a while we drove around for a long time couldn't find anything to awesome.

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Huge Crew

October 27, 2005

Well our latest trip to the dunes was pretty fun. Most everyone went down on friday night, but I wasn't able to get there till saturday morning. We had a big crowd. Jed invited 2 friends who brought girls. Jim invited 3 girls. Mere came with her boyfriend. Then there was Me, Jared, Doug, Katie, Will, and Sam. Putting our initial number at 15 people.

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Lake Fork

October 07, 2006

It Seems I've hardly been riding this year. Basically the Fathers and Sons was my only ride the whole summer. I rode a bit on the first of October with Sam, Just up in the canyon. You can see some pictures "here":/cakegallery/?gallery=true&g2_itemId=1552 . So when Jed said they were gonna take the rhino's up Lake Fork I got really excited. I haven't been there in forever.

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Better late than never

October 13, 2006

Today was a great day. Jason and I woke up early so we could be to Wade's house by 8:00 am, thinking we could get to the dunes by 9:30 or 10. Promptness just wasn't an option it seems. After getting all their gear ready we were and moving the cows from one pen to the other we got in the car and were ready to go. Little did we know that after grabbing a new flag so we had enough for all the quads we would drive by the house to notice some calves were out. We spent another 20 minutes or so chasing the calves. To sum a long story up, we got to the dunes around 12:30pm.

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Frosty Sand

October 26, 2006

So since we took Jeds digital camera this time, instead a crappy disposable like usual, we got a ton of pictures. We also got some video footage. A first for us on a dune trip. They were real short clips, but being video they were pretty hefty in size. So instead of just uploading all 347 megs worth or trying to compress all the different vids, I threw together a little vid in iMovie.

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Monks Hollow vs Lake Fork

November 12, 2007

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Timber Lakes

July 25, 2007

We went up to Joe's cabin for the 24th. The weather was awesome. It had just rained so it wasn't horribly dusty and the temperature was great. The altitude helped with that I'm sure.

We went for a few rides with the girls and kids. With them it was mostly just cruising around the main roads. I was packing Kate the whole time and boy does she love riding. For some reason though, she thinks a quad is some kind of mechanical rocking chair. It puts her to sleep every time.

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Mikes Birthday Dune Trip (07/06/07)

July 08, 2007

We got loaded up on Thursday and left the office by 5:15. Natalie and Megan were iffy up until the time we left, and neither ended up coming. Our crew ended up being Jim, Jed, Sam, Mike, Richard, and Jen and Christi (sp?) friends of Jed and Richard.

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Long Hollow

June 18, 2007

John, Sam, Bruce and I went to long hollow on saturday. Long Hollow is the other side of Monks Hollow. It is a tougher route, but a little closer to the highway. I was the only quad, I need to get some more people to represent.

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Spanish Fork Track (05-28-07)

May 29, 2007

Well since no one would go riding with me yesterday I went by myself. I got there and the track was empty, which was good because I had forgotten my goggles and dealing with other people's dust probably would have ruined the trip. I forget how rough that track is. There are just a million little bumps everywhere. I got several blisters even with my gloves on, and my back and arms are pretty sore today.

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Trip to the Sand Dunes Saturday April 28th

May 01, 2007

Finally the stars aligned and all of the 4 wheeler cowboys were able to go on this trip. It started out to be a huge camping trip. But now that families are the most important it ended up only a few could stay overnight. Jed, Rich and I loaded all of the quads on Friday. Later that day Jed and Rich headed off to the dunes and I headed north to spend the evening with my in-laws. I was about 10:15pm before I arrived at the dunes because of all the things we all forgot to bring. When I arrived Jed and rich told me that they had waited in line for more than 40 minutes at the entrance of the Dunes. So as usual we got the camping spot nobody wanted.

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West Mountain Track (04-21-07)

May 09, 2007

I've been waiting to write about this trip till I got the pictures up, and I was too lazy to encode all the video for the web. I finally did it today though. There is a compilation video and a few pictures in the gallery.

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West of Eureka (03-17-07)

March 26, 2007

Because Jed's birthday is next month, we decided that any time we want to go camping in the near future we can use that as an excuse. Since it was "for his birthday" Jed picked our location. We headed out past Eureka, but instead of turning south towards the dunes we went west a few miles and found a nice camp spot out in the sand.

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Nutty Putty (02-03-07)

February 04, 2007

So we headed out to the west side of Utah Lake near nutty putty caves and had a blast. We were hoping to have some pictures, but the camera Eric brought had dead batteries. Bummer. Our crew consisted of Me (z400), Sam(CRF250X), Jed(400ex), Jim(Raptor), and Eric(Raptor).

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Spanish Fork Track...ish (04-14-07)

April 17, 2007

I've been dying to go riding but didn't have much time, definitely not enough to go to the dunes. So I decided I'd try that little track/field off of highway 6. Jim said he could spare an hour so we headed over. I forgot he doesn't have a truck anymore, which made it even nicer that it was a close trip. We were able to just do 2 trips from my house to haul the quads over. It took about 20 minute to get both quads from my house to the track. This obviously would have been faster with a trailer, but I don't have one.

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Dunes in December

December 18, 2007

Jared, Sam and I went to Little Sahara last weekend. This is the first time I've gone to the dunes in the middle of the winter. Sam rode his bike, and Jared and I switched back and forth on my Grizzly and my Z. It was a different riding experience than we normally have in the dunes, but it was still a blast.

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Sand Hollow Spring 2008

March 18, 2008

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Elberta Dunes

March 25, 2008

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Goshen Canyon Track

April 28, 2008

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