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Looks exciting.

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well Im already a Ski doo man so lets see what the Canadians can do.

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So I watched The Yamaha grizz DVD, and its quite impressive. I did notice that the whole time they ripped on the polaris, kawi, and the can am. They didnt say much about the honda or the suzuki. they gave props to honda saying "it was a well engineered machine". But, Im really interested in the griz. I wonder though how the power steering is holding up? I kinda makes me think that its just one more part that could break and cost a fortune to replace. I dunno

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They have a very positive review over at atvscene. "":

They seem to love it. My first impression was that it is the ugliest 450 on the market yet. Check out this picture of the front view !!

But they do have a race picture, which I think looks pretty good. !!

Time will tell if it is really as good as it seems. I hope it is. If it is really the best then that will just force everyone to try to catch up, which can only be good for the market.

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Yep, Looks kinda weird, But I do expect great things to come out of Can AM