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It is my goal to personally double the membership here at ATV Cowboys! Before joining myself, there was four (4) members. I will ensure that the membership is up to eight (8) before the end of the year. I look forward to talking to and getting to know better any and all members of ATV Cowboys.

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Mike (AKA The Administrator), can you put up a link on your site to

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If Sam and Richard were not brothers I would be a little worried about the picture I just saw of them riding tandom on the TW through the woods.

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Rich was training for his Date that night because he didn't want to dump it with her ridinig on the back.

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BDAWG, welcome to the site. Can you supply some of the shots that you took on the Moab trip?

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Johnny OMike (AKA The Administrator), can you put up a link on your site to

We dont have a links section, but I could write a news post about them if you'd like.

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Johnny, your goal is complete. In one day you doubled our membership! I guess all your sweet computer hacking skills lured everyone in.

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Is anyone going to go riding this weekend? I would like to swing a leg over the bike and get some more sweet shots to put on the site. Can somebody send Jed a telegraph or something?

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Mike (AKA the Administrator), I would like to add a picture to my profile. Can I email you the picture that I would like for my profile? Sam says that he can do it for me. If he cannot, I will send it over to you for a little help.

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To add a picture to your profile go to profile on the blue bar at the top of the forum. then click on personality. then click on change/add avatar. This will allow you to upload the image. The only trick is you need to make sure it is less than 120x120 pixels in size.