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I recently read an article on about the 2012 Sport ATV BUYER'S guide, that reminded me of a conversation that Mike and I were having just a week or so ago. Deciding which sport ATV is the best to purchase is tough right now. You want to make the right choice especially if you are buying a brand new machine that you will be keeping for awhile. When we buy a quad we ride it until it can no longer be ridden so buying something that will last is important. Also choosing the quad based on your favorite types of riding is essential.

Overall we decided that the YAMAHA RAPTOR 700R is the best quad to purchase if you are looking for general use. Dirt Wheels thought the same thing. The Raptor has all the power you will need, a nice tall stance and has a reputation for great handling. So for the average Joe who will rarely hit the track and spends most of his time riding the trails (like me) It's the go to quad. Too often I see riders picking up a quad that has been optimized for the track and are unhappy with its overall abilities in other scenarios. Most of the track optimized machines should be left alone unless you are one of those riders. I must add I have very limited experience with the Can-am machines in the article but was very impressed that they took 2,3 and 4th the guide.

The saddest part for me with the new 2012 models is that Suzuki is not coming out with a new Machine. All of the other names are trying to expand their models and Suzuki is sticking with the Z400. Do not get me wrong I have one parked in my garage right now and love the Quad. I am just disappointed that I wont get to see the next generation for at least another year.

What type of attributes are you looking for in a sport Quad? Out of the new models (see link to article below) which do you think is the best?

Click Here to see the article so you can see a better review of each Quad.

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Sorry about the link we will try to get that fixed.

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I would really really love to ride the CAN-AM 450XC. I like the raptor and its a really really good quad. I just now that my type of riding is more aggressive and I like to spend more time in the air. It may also be because the time I switched seats between a YFZ450 and the Raptor 700 I felt like the Raptor was big and slow and wanted to push and roll into corners. I also would love to ride the KTM 525. It seems to be a sweet quad to ride also.

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I'm not sure those are rankings. I think in their buyers guides they just show the quads ordered by CC, then alphabetically.

That being said I still think overall the Raptor 700 would be the quad i would choose. I can't argue with your am on wanting the sportier quad, I know the extra zip and the extra maneuverability in the air is something you look for. But for me the Raptor is the perfect combination of reliability, power and performance.

I love how the Z feels in the air and I love its reliability, but I wish it had more power. The few times I've been on 450's they felt like they were trying to shake themselves apart the whole time. And I know their reliability is lower just for the fact that they run at such high compression. The older I get the less I care about jumping the highest and the furthest.

I've heard great things about the Can-Am's and the KTM's, and would love to ride one. I'm just not sure I would buy one over a Raptor.

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Yeah you also have to take the cost of them into consideration. For long rides no question that the Raptor would be the way to go. And its cheaper then the CAN AM and KTM Still for me I wonder if I just wanted a super awesome trail machine why not look into a CAN-AM renegade? It is super fast and it has 4 wheel drive....Then again it costs a ton. I do agree that z400 is a little under powered. Are you ever going to upgrade? I haven't looked at the 700's for a while but we in the past have gotten them for around 3K or under 3K for a almost new quad. There are a ton of them out there....which could also be a indication of how awesome they are. I don't really care that much about jumping the highest or the furthest either but I guess I just like the feeling of being on rails.

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You can get a Raptor for $3,000?

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"Yamaha’s big guy is the unquestioned king of the sport quads."

You may be right that it was not actually a ranking, however they did put the Raptor first and started with that sentence. I agree it totally comes down to rider style, do we know anyone who as a Can-Am I think it would be awesome to try it out and give a review since we are limited in knowledge about them.

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Yeah Jared, Sometimes a deal presents itself. I have sold them anywhere from 3200 to 4K. We had one that had some bent handle bars and scratched plastics but ZERO dirt or scratches on the motor.

My guess is that someone rolled and and decided not every ride it again. :) If you want to get a Raptor I can can start looking to see what they are going for?

I do not know of anyone that has a CAN-AM. I have always wanted to buy one at the auctions but they go for too much for me to make a profit here in Utah. Its not a super popular quad. Its hard for people to get past the Yamaha and Honda loyalty.

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I am interested, however probably not until summer. I also have to get Lauren to decide what she would want, so we may be getting a big quad not sure yet.

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yeah, sport quads and dirt bikes are hard for the family. I guess we just need to be rich and Famous like MIKE :)