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The ATV Cowboys headed to Little Moab on Presidents day and had a blast. Just like last years Video Cast we wanted to take advantage of some winter riding without having to deal with tons of snow so Little Moab was the perfect choice. My brother in-law Mike... yes another Mike in the family and I took the Grizzly and the Brute Force out for some winter fun.

2 Reply posted by sam

Looks like you had fun!! But you should be ashamed of yourself...not even a text invite. Tell Mike we need to get together and talk. I have a few ideas that I would think would be awesome.

3 Reply posted by Mike

I'm right here dude. =-)

4 Reply posted by Jared

Sorry man, I just assumed since there was a fair amount of snow you wouldn't be able to get around on your bike.

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Ouch how bad do you think I am Jared......and who says I can't ride a quad!!