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You should make it so that you can write messages directly to another person and they have an inbox of somesort. Or when they log into the site it will automatically tell them they have a message from x. That would make it useful for lots of different reasons and might incourage people to use your sight more often. I think that it would be cool. Just an idea....

Also you might want to put an allowed time for posts in the main forum before they are put into another category or databased away. As I am expecting lots of posts to be forthcoming. Or make the posts so that the most recent is the first one. I know on the general topic we are already at two pages and I didn't really want to click on the next page then scroll all the way to the bottom. Another idea is that you could create a quick button to take you to the most recent post. That would be cool if in the future (sort of like you and Jims calendar thing) we could post that we are going to the dunes or something on the website and whoever wanted could come. You could also do Starcraft tournaments, barbeques, and so forth. And if you did the thing where you could send messages only to certain people you could invite those that you wanted. Just some thoughts.....

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Mike we should also do a Video section. We also should do a Riding area forum that can have a map section. So we can find more places to ride. Also, so we can share some of our riding areas. But, we can't share our secret places! And you should add a spell checker and a grammer tool. J/K

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You can already jump to the newest posts. if you click on the date next to the persons name, it takes you to the latest post in the thread.



I'll see what I can do about private messaging. A where to ride section is a good idea. I'm also thinking of maybe doing a "Showroom". A place to upload pictures of just your quad.

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Sounds Good, I like the showroom Idea!

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Mike, I went to change my avatar, and when I chose my new photo it went back to my original photo. So, I deleted it first and came up with the same results. I will try again later to see if it will work.

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Also I was wondering if you could start a dating section where I could talk to lots of hot single atv cowgirls. That would be great. :-)

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Little Dicky, maybe you should start your own dating website and you can put all those things on there yourself!!!

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Ruth, Richard isnt into the online dating stuff. Rich Likes biker chicks!