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So, I was thinking of trying to somehow incorporate with this forum. As I am thinking that MOU will be more marketable on a local or information avenue. I have a few new products that I am excited about and Joe's Father-inlaw Brad has been building something cool! I also just got hooked up with a new dealer that has really good products for cheap. Tell me what you guys think

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Haha I would never doubt your abilities Sam. As for incorporating the two sites I am interested to hear what your thoughts are. We should all try to meet up sometime to chat.

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Lets do lunch next week! How about Tues or Weds?

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So, after I left you guys I figured there is no time like the presence so I called John and asked him If he had bought the company because he wanted to invest in the MOU or to help his brother out. His response was that he wanted to help me out (Which is what I figured).

I then asked if he wanted to stay a owner or if he cared that he was bought out. He said either way as he said that him being a silent partner was better then having Jeff as a partner. He also said that he didn't plan on helping out and that he was just dead weight. So he said that all he cared was that he got his $1500 back.

So with that being said what do you guys think? I have no expectations FYI. So lay it out.

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So, I was thinking of some potential ideas. We could built a point system and as people built up points by posting or using our site they could either buy stuff from our store, get a discount, or gift certificates. Or we could have users submit there riding trips. We then will select the best one then feature it and give them stuff or discounts...Do this on a monthly or weekly basis. We could also do this with quads or parts. I am sure there are tons of people who would love to do a article. Giving them the idea they are important and its like they are writing for a mag...

We also can have riding trip and then at the end have an option to get them to sign up with us and we will email them a .pdf of a trail map. Or give them the option to purchase one for like a dollar.

Basically we need to figure out what people want and how to make them feel important. We can do this by doing features on people and what they ride or have in the garage.

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Well now that I am finally on this forum we can generate some ideas/ feedback and discuss. As for your meeting with John I still have to think over the entire concept of where we want to take all of this before I will know how to proceed. I definitely do not see any return on investment for purchasing him out at $1,500 right now you are doing little to no profit so I see no immediate way to recoup that initial investment especially with an entire redesign of our business model. Which at first will be a business model focused on specialty products that are not connected to your current revenue streams at MOU.

Having said that I may possibly entertain a purchase overtime where we give John 15% of the profit until he is paid out $2,000 this would be done over a three year time period. If by the three years he is not paid in full then he no longer owns any stock in the company and leaves with what he has gotten back. This would give him a possible gain of $500 and would also enable us if we could pay him $2000 that would mean that over the three years the company made close to $20,000. My hopes are that we are making well over that in 3 years and he is paid off much sooner. But this option takes nothing out of our pockets initially which makes me feel better since I do not see the value in his $1500. Anyways we will need to think about it more overtime.

As for the site, we need a few things,,

  1. A cleaner look with a nice way to opt in to become and ATV cowboy.
  2. Trail reviews like Mad, people love to learn about trials and want to know about them before they try them so we need to be doing regular reviews and rides. Mike we need to have a Trails Menu option in the top that links to all posts about trails and also has a forum about trials.
  3. Sam I like the idea of a reward system, for commenting and interacting on the site. We need to discuss this in more detail down the line.
  4. Monthly Video Podcast. A video podcast is going to drive tons of traffic to the site and to our Youtube page. We need to be riding as often as possible in reality at least twice a month to be taken seriously in this industry. We can do this and post Video Podcasts about what we have done, Once we Finish up the tutorial and I edit the Paiute trail footage we can start posting on Itunes. That gives us 4 episodes to release over two months during that time we will be able to generate at least two more video casts. Which we can release monthly from then on.
  5. We need some new Logos and headers where we explain some of the purpose of the site, we will get rid of any images that do not look stellar. We need to focus on ATVs and UTVs
  6. Accountability: Meeting in person is a hassle and not needed but we need to have a phone conference at least once a week where we set measurable goals and tasks for each of us to get things done. We have some great ideas and I really feel like we can make some cash. But we won't if we are only working on this once a week and forgetting until the next week. The sacrifice will be worth it when this is our fulltime business or it at least pays for the hobby.
  7. We need to get more traffic to the site and get people opting in to join the site. As far as visits we need to share the site as much as possible with individuals we know who are interested in this type of information. We should be posting in forums and other sites insight ful comments that will generate click backs to our site. And most importantly we need to start looking to rank for some keywords. Especially focused on keywords like Specific trails or parts.

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Product Development.

Lastly we need to decide on one or two specialty products that we want to feature on ATV Cowboys that we believe will generate great income right off the bat, as this grows we can then focus on driving other traffic to MOU or whatever entity that will be for other products. But specialty products will be key. We should get together for a few hours sometime where we can draw outcome really specific goals and talk about what products we think would be the most beneficial. I think possibly either a Street Legal ATV Kit or UTV kit that we either partner with someone to sell or have Brad find someone who can make it for us would be awesome. Highland where I live it is legal to have a street ATV. WE could put a kit on the Grizzly or something and do a video about me riding there then focus on selling that kit. This could be a great revenue stream if we can get a good profit margin.

Street Legal ATV gets 14,000 global searches and has low competition. If we could rank for that Keyword and have a great kit to sell with $100 in profit we could rack away some serious cash right off the bat.

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I agree with Jared. Buying out John is only for the purpose of getting him out of the picture. The only assests of MOU is a few hundred dollars in the bank. I have somewhere around $200-$300 in inventory.

Relationships with distributors like MTA and advantage Performace (which most distributors require a store front and pre-purchase of $5000 of inventory). I can remember Joe saying that anyone could get the discounts I do. :)

I do make about $20-$100 a month. It does depend on the month though.

I think with help we could push $200-$500. With advertising stuff for free on KSL and selling locally we really could make more money. The issues I have is not being able to answer the phone during business hours as I spend my life on the phone talking to DigiCert customers.

So, we could push harder to get things selling here locally and also on the site. I am sure John would be happy to make more money off this uh well Favor or investment of getting rid of Jeff for me. We could use the money we make locally or with my shop to start paying of John.

I don't think our main focus of selling locally and on MOU is going to bring in the big bucks right now as we are competing with Rocky. So it may not even be something we want to focus on.

I have on magento cartsoftware which I am using as a free trial as of now. it does cost $25 bucks a month.

Basically they provide you with everything. Since I am not a brillant programmer like Mike is....this is my best option I have found.

I am currently figuring out how things are setup in the the cart. I am pleased so far and they do have good learning resources and support. I have entered in a couple of parts and want to get to 10-20 parts then go live with it and start trying different things with SEO.

I would also be entering parts of new stuff that very little people have. This would include the stuff from Brad. I plan on making money on the site and pushing it hard on KSL and other free sites.

I also want to get into the Forums and push the products that Brad is making for us.

Once that is up and running I want to rip the floor out of MOU and either make it a forwarding information site or put a new cart software on there.

So that is my current plan and focus with what I am doing.

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And now for what Jared layed out in his 7 steps. I agree with all of them. Lets setup a plan or layout a process of how and when we are going to complete what Jared has listed. We need to decide what is the most important and do those first.

When is the best time for everyone to do a phone conference?

Oh also Jared I emailed Brad about the street legal kit. What do we need to make a UTV/ATV DOT approved in Utah?

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I am not exactly sure what all needs to be in the kit to make it street legal. That is something I will have to look into. As for now Sam I think you should do what you feel you need to with MOU, in the mean time we all need to focus on getting ATVcowboy looking and functioning better as well as creating much more content. This will enable us to get a few of these specialty parts going from ATV cowboy. Then when we want to start focusing on MOU we can figure out how we want to transition it and what we will do with John. As for now what we want to focus on has nothing to do with MOU other than we are bringing Sam onto the team here. One design element that I really like at MOU is the silhouette icons of the machines where did you get those? Could we get an additional one of a Utility quad rather than a motorcycle. I think a smaller version of those would be a cool button with text over it saying, "sign up for our mailing list and become an ATVCOWBOY today" or something like that.

So Sam if you can get me those files I will tweak them and we will use them as the sign up. Mean while what other look elements do we want to change? Things I have mentioned to Mike are. 1. I would like the Home Forum Gallery Archive to all have defined borders and look more like a button rather than a text link. 2. I also would like to take down some of the current headers that we have now and only use the images that are really awesome. For example I really do not think the one of jed jumping is very cool and it should be one of the ones taken out of the rotation.

I am good for a conference call tomorrow evening after YM so around 8:30 or so if we chatted for like 30 to 40 minutes and set some actionable items to work on over the weekend that would be perfect.

Also we are possibly looking into a Ride on Saturday Mike are you going to be able to do that?

Last but not least try to check in on this forum at least once a day so we can see where we are at.