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1 Reply posted by rutholdham

So, I have decided that I really want a fat cat to ride so that I can spend more time with my brothers and cousins. The only thing is talking my dad into buying me one, so everyone put in your input for me!!! Then I can come to the dunes and ride with ya'll!! ;)

2 Reply posted by sam

Ruth, You might be able to get pink plastic for your fat cat that you are going to get!!

3 Reply posted by Mike

I'm rooting for you ruth.


I hope you can get your Fat Cat. I have actually tried to find one for myself, however they are rare. I hope you can find one, and convince your dad to get it for you.

5 Reply posted by sam

Mike, when are you planning on heading up to the Father and Sons? Also, you just bringing your Griz?

6 Reply posted by Mike

Dude, you are the worst topic hijacker I have ever met.

Wednesday after work. I'm definitely bringing the Griz. You bringing just your bike?

7 Reply posted by sam

What do you mean topic hijacker? I have now clue what you are talking about!!