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So I've been looking around for helmet cams.

"twenty20": has one that seems pretty good to me. There are cheaper ones, but most of the cheaper ones only do the small video size like digital camcorders. If you want 640x480 size you need to spend at least $200.

Sadly my camcorder doesn't have video in so we'd need a recorder. "This one": seems like a pretty good deal. It's not perfect, and we'd want better in the future, but it is cheap enough that I think it could work until the good high capacity ones get cheaper.

Total thats about $375. For about 2 hours of video. Plus the recorder can use CompactFlash cards so once one is full you can just put in another one.

2 Reply posted by Mike

'This": might be an even better deal. It is a digital camcorder, not super quality, but probably as good of quality as the recorder. It's advantage though is you can use it seperate from the helmet cam if you want. The other thing is also refurbished at it's good price whereas this one is new.

Heck I might even buy one to use just as a camera for our trips.

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That doesnt seem to bad. We could try to get some money pulled together and buy one! Anything that can record better vids then the digital camera gets me pumped!! So the $350 is the entire price of the cam and recorder?

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It's like $250 for the helmet cam, and $125 for the recorder. so 375ish total. I think maybe at first we could just get the cheap camcorder. And then save up and get the helmet cam later.