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I have ridden Sand Dunes in Utah and Idaho. I have ridden, Little Sahara and Sand Hollow in Utah, and St. Anthony in Idaho.

Sand Hollow from what I saw was kinda small, they had a area down by the lake that you could drag race. One cool thing about Sand Hollow is that it has a lake where you can bring your Watercrafts and your ATV's/Dirtbikes.

Little Sahara is a nice place to ride. There is Sand Mountain which is fun to see if you can make it up. There are small dunes off to the east for smaller kids to learn how to ride the dunes. There are big bowls behind Sand Mountain. There are Trails all around for those of you who like the trails.


St. Anthony are by far the best dunes I have been to. The bowls are bigger and the hills are bigger. Currently there is no day use fee, however that may change. There are several big hills that people congregate at and drag race up. There are smaller dunes off to the east for those that aren't quite comfortable with the big dunes.


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