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I was just wondering, if anyone here has ever ridden St. Anthony sand dunes? I was also wondering the possiblity of getting a group together to go up, and ride.

I have a brother that rides sometimes but its hard for him to leave his family, and worry about whether his bike is going to make it. I also have a friend up there but he is always busy with his family, work and school.

Anyone interested let me know.

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I know Sam has been there. It sounds like a blast to me. How far is it? I've already taken a bunch of time off work this year, and I don't ride on sundays. So if we could leave after work on a friday, camp over, and then ride all day and drive home on a saturday I'd be in for a trip sometime.

St. Anthony is about three and a half to four hours away from Orem. If I were to go I would leave after work on Friday and Hopefully get some time in riding friday evening, ride all day saturday and come home on sunday. I don't ride on Sunday either. But yeah they are awesome dunes.

Or we could come home Saturday, I usually come home Sunday, but we could do saturday.

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Sounds fun to me. I'll try to figure out a good weekend. Probably won't be till August.

That sounds cool, August works for me. Just let me know. I am actually going up there this weekend to visit one of my friends up there. But Ill be ready to go back up in august The only weekend that does not work for me is the last weekend.

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St. Anthony is full of huge dunes. Its kinda like the backside of Sand mtn. here in Utah. There was a pond that provided a bit of fun. They only thing that I didnt like was the wind. But As with all sand dunes that just depends on the day. I also was with people who had never touched handle bars their entire life. So needless to say I didnt see very much of the dunes. But, one of these weekends we need to go back up there to explore. ivinsoffroad, it sounds like you have been up there? Whats your take on them compared to Little Sahara?

I like St. Anthony Sand Dunes, I have been up there several times. St. Anthony has bigger dunes, bigger bowls. St. Anthony can get kinda scary, with there big razorbacks, so for an inexperienced rider it is kinda scary. I have a friend that lives up there he rides dirt bikes, and he has been to Little Sahara several times, he said there are more jumps at Little Sahara, but St. Anthony has bigger bowls, so it depends on what you like. Little Sahara has small bowls, which is nice for a beginner rider, however my first time to the sand dunes was St. Anthony. And on a hot day its nice to take a ride through the pond they have up there.