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We went up to Joe's cabin for the 24th. The weather was awesome. It had just rained so it wasn't horribly dusty and the temperature was great. The altitude helped with that I'm sure.

We went for a few rides with the girls and kids. With them it was mostly just cruising around the main roads. I was packing Kate the whole time and boy does she love riding. For some reason though, she thinks a quad is some kind of mechanical rocking chair. It puts her to sleep every time.

Natalie got to drive the Grizzly for the first time somewhere besides our lawn. She really likes it. She was able to get everywhere we went with confidence. It always makes me feel better when she is excited about quads.

Once we ditched the girls and kids, Joe and Brad and I went for a ride. Joe had his Brute Force 650. Brad was on his Sportsman 800. And I was on my Grizzly. Charles tried to come with us on the Foreman, but the breaks on it have never been great and he wasn't comfortable taking it on the super steep trail we were going on.

There are probably more trails than those we went on, but we didn't have tons of time to ride. We mostly spent our time riding this one really deep ravine. The trail crossed it only twice, but where it did it was pretty tall, and very steep. These big quads are amazing. They ripped up and down those hills like they were nothing. I started trying to find stuff to hit on the way up.

Not as fun as say our last dune trip, but it was still a blast. Last year I kept waiting for the "Big Trip" to come and I ended up hardly riding at all before the fathers and sons. Once we got there I remembered how much I really love this sport. I also realized how much fun a short ride can really be. Not every trip can be an all day thing, but adding up all the little trips can easily make up for one.

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Sounds Like you had tons of fun!! How does the Griz compare to the other two quads? Jed, Rich, John, and I went up payson canyon. I jacked my foot up on a huge rock that was covered by brush. other than that It was way fun

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Mini quad reviews.

[u]Polaris Sportsman 800[/u] Tons of freaking power. I mean tons. It isn't super snappy like the Brute Force is, but that is by design. It has a super comfy seat and the suspension is very plush. Sometimes I think it may be a bit too plush. Some of the corners we made at high speeds the Polaris had a hard time making. That could have been the rider, since both Brad and Charles aren't as good of riders as Joe and I. But it could also be the suspension. Even though the Polaris is bigger, it turns sharper than both of our quads.

My only real complaint about it is it's engine breaking. It only affects the rear wheels. So when we were going down really steep hills they would lock up giving you have less control not more.

[u]Kawasaki Brute Force 650i[/u] Very responsive throttle. You hit it and it just goes. Has a nice seat and a good suspension setup. It has the best engine breaking of any quad I've ridden. It reminds me of the Foreman in first gear. While it is an all around great quad, the thing that really stands out is the responsiveness of the throttle. It is just plain fun to drive.

It has crappy tires. They are fine for slow riding, but at high speeds they don't have enough support and tend to roll in the corners. I'm sure I have more complaints but I can't think of any right now.

[u]Yamaha Grizzly 700FI[/u] This is an all around great quad. It doesn't have shocking power, but it is good. It doesn't have shocking suspension, but it is good. The one thing that sets it apart is Power Steering. First off, both Lisa and my wife always wanted to ride the Grizz because it was so much easier to steer. Secondly when going down trials I tried to hit every freaking rock I could. Rocks weren't an obstacle, they were a potential jump. It's hard to describe how good the power steering is. But it is just awesome. The Grizzly would still be a good quad without power steering since it is such a good all around package, but the power steering really brings it to a new level.

Now that isn't to say I don't have complaints. I have 2. First, the seat sucks compared to the Sportsman and the Brute Force. It is plenty comfy, but it is too short. If you ride with 2 people you don't have enough room. Lame. Second, the shifter is much more difficult to move than the other quads. It has actually gotten better since I first bought it. And I've kinda learned the trick to moving it which helps. But it still is annoying. How they could make such a great quad with such a lousy shifter is beyond me.