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Im kinda excited to see what KTM is going to produce. KTM builds really strong running motors. Some Magazines claim that KTM makes the best offroad dirt bike out there. Lets see what they can do with their ATV. Polaris also has the KTM motor in it. I wonder how it will compare to the rest of the 450's. I have to say though, personally I think that the Polaris is the ugliest 450 by a long shot. The DS is kinda ugly but its not quite as bad. (but who cares if they are ugly right?) Lets just hope for all the Polaris fans that the Outlaw is really fast so it will make up for the looks. I was really bummed with all the hype about the DS, they were claiming major weight loss! I was really excited to see what they could do because in the snowmobile world the Rev800xp weighs either 429 or 439 LBS depending on what package you get. Thats a huge weigh loss compared to last years model which weighs somewhere around 480's and all of the other snowmobile makers are in the 480's with there 800 sled. So needless to say I was really let down when it only is 5 LBS lighter then the YFZ and R but 5 LBS can make a big difference. SO, now dirtwheels or some other mag needs to do a huge shootout and post the numbers. Its a great time for the ATV race quads....

The Polaris is coming out with two new quads, there is the Outlaw 525 S, and the Outlaw 450 MXR, They both are have a straight rear axle.


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Yes, both polaris quads have KTM motors. I wonder how the 525 will compare against the yamaha rapter 700EFI. I have ridden the KTM 525 dirt bike, and it was a really strong pulling motor. I guess I will have to wait until one of the mags do some shoot outs.

That is a good question. regarding the Raptor 700 I hope Dirt Wheels does a shootout like that, One thing I like about the Raptor 700 is that it is fuel injected. I was also wondering how they would do against the YFZ 450? That will be fun to see.

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I really would like to see what the KTM's can do compared to the rest of the comp. Polaris quads are always on the heavy side of things. But according to polaris specs they didnt do all that bad but, I think KTM will make a lighter more advanced machine. KTM claims to have dual rate springs on their (olhins) shocks but we will see what the price difference will be and if they really make the production line. The kawi and suzk are both heavier then the YFZ and TRX (both at 350 dry) Can Am claims that their 450 is 5lbs lighter than the YFZ and TRX, but we will really see once they can really put them on the scale. Some of the manafactures dry weight claim is no fluids in anything, including the shocks, brake, and clutch fluids. I know that Honda is making a push on giving more accurate weight figures. I don't know what fluids they will put in them, but I think all the brands should at least have all the fluids you need, other than gas. Thats much more true to life. So most of the general population's bikes weigh a handle full more than what they think. I think its retarded that they don't put all the fluids in the bike. Myself included spit out weight figures that are according to the specs online or whatever. I wish one of the mags would get them all together and weigh them one after another.

I didn't know that KTM was coming out with a fourwheeler. I think that it would be cool, and make sense. I don't know a lot about KTM, but I have heard they are good motorcycles. It will be cool to see what they come out with.

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Sweet review of the new KTM's.