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Mike, Hows everything going. Its saturday around 4:00 pm in England. So that would make it around 9:00 am your time. I have been spending about 2 hours a day on the website because of the lack of anything extreme here. It has been fun despite, the fact that I miss riding. But, I could call you and ask how everything is going with you and your family. Sarah and I have been wondering if all is well. I could call you but every night there is something going on and I forget to call. So, I decided that I would write on here to see if you would reply. The weather has been great! Perfect for riding on the nice moist dirt that is present here. All the bikes they have are road bikes, and you only see a few of them. I guess it costs 500 quid or pounds so with the exchange rate at 1.9 that would almost be somewhere in the ball park of 1000 dollars. It cost more to get a motorcycle permit then a car permit. crazy! Im keeping my sharp eye out for anything dirt related, so far no luck. Mike, let us now how you guys are going and Im hoping that everything is alright!

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Hey man. Thanks for the concern. Things are going good here. Natalie had to go in on Tuesday and have a D&C. She is doing well now she's just been a little sore and tired. Her mom and sister have been helping us a ton so she hasn't had to do much but rest.

I'm glad you guys are having a good time in England. I find whenever I go places I wish I had smuggled a quad along. There are always awesome places to ride. To bad you cant fit a quad in your pocket.

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We are glad to here that you guys are doing alright. Im sure its not easy to go through something of that sort.

Things are good here in jolly ole england. We had the entire family over yesterday after church. We took tons of pictures and ate cake. My brother in law (Tony) loves bikes (he has a suzuki katana street bike) so we talked for quite a while about bikes and such. We put everyone else into a coma, but I really enjoyed it. I told him that he needed to come over so he could taste true offroading. So, hopefully both Tony and Jordan will come over to America sometime in the future.

Tony says that the only places you can ride on dirt is private property. Though they will let you ride a quad on the road. But, you have to get your motorcycle license. They call ATV's quad bikes and they see them from time to time around town. Well, im glad you are doing alright tell Nat Hi for us.

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No guns. Nowhere to ride a quad. Those poor people.