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Well I got some pictures of the EX up. I have most of the stuff I need. Right now I'm waiting on the Shocks. I also need to run over to Rocky Mountain to buy a K&N Filter a service manual, and Jets. Oh, and I need to put on the nerf bars, I have them already, but ran out of time tonight. Hopefully I can install them soon. Then I can wrap this thing up. I hope with the new suspension/gearing/pipe it throws Joe and Jared around.

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According to the "GT Thunder Website": my shocks were shipped today.

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When they going to get here? maybe they will be here in time for the weekend!!!

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I hope so. Depends on what shipping they used.

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Well the Shocks are in and installed. I need to get it Jetted correctly, and then put on the nerf bars and its ready to go.

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Well she's done. I got her cleaned and took some pictures outside the office. Looks pretty good I think. They are up in the gallery.

I also took some vids on my digital camera trying to capture the sound of the exhaust to compare against your stock pipes. Hopefully I can get those uploaded soon.

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The new shocks are awesome. Much better than the Z. I really want to ride next to Sam's or Jed's stock EX's to see how the power compares and the real improvement to the shocks.

One thing Jim and I noticed is the Z has more bottom end power. I push the throttle in a tiny bit and the Z starts to take off, where the EX doesn't get power until like half throttle. I'm not sure if this is a trait of all EX's or just mine. So I really want to compare to a stock. It's just been so long since I rode an EX regularly that I don't feel like the best judge. But once you hit half throttle, the EX has lots of power.

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Well, from the sounds of it. Im really looking forward to riding your EX!!! But you are right the Ex doesnt hit hard until mid throttle. Execpt for my EX the 440 seems to pick it up right from the beginning. To me it feels way more peppy compared to Jeds. But Jed told me that he cant feel the difference. But next weekend at the dunes we will be able to find out. Mikel, Your going to bring both of your quads right?

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I bought some new tusk handle bars for my Newer EX. So i need to throw those on. Speaking of, I owe you for the grips. I'm kinda bummed out because of the 440 is all beat up. Right now I can't get the rims off because my dad put the bolts on backwards and pinched the metal. ITs the same problem you have with your EX. Also something is still messed up with the right tire/a arm. I put the new works shocks on there but Im getting the same result. The left side feels like its a busted shock because its so loose. It bounces all over the place. I cant find any crack or break in the frame. I wonder if its the alignment? But for this weekend I was going to borrow uncle B's yfz450 (but the 450 doesnt have paddles) because Rich and Aaron are planning on coming. But to be honest mike I really want to ride your EX to see if the pipe, shocks, and sproket make a big difference. Besides I know you want someone to compete with. Im still working on my dad with the 450r I just dont know how to swing it because I really cant get money out of the 440. but I dont want to sell both of them because that means that only one person can ride it. SO that would either be rich or sam. and i really love that everyone has a sweet machine to ride.

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I'll definitely be bringing both quads. Joe says he can't come, so I guess the EX needs a rider.

We really need to look into your EX. and see what's up. If it is the frame, that sucks, if is an a-arm or tire or something, those are pretty cheap to fix.

I'm glad you finally bought bars for the new ex, those things you had were horrendous.