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I was reading in a ATV mag and they stated that the 700xx weight was 508lbs which is correct but the compared it the the weight of the Yamaha Raptor 700 which is 396lbs but if you go the honda website it tells you this is the curb weight which means its loaded up with all the required fluids to run (also a full tank of gas!!) the Raptor is DRY WEIGHT which means there are no fluids in the bike period. shocks, brakes and everything. I wish all the manf. would do as honda has done and give us the curb weight!!!


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I agree everyone should do it. Since they all have different sized gas tanks and oil reservoir they can weigh anything and still have the same dry weight.

I'm not sure how much the Raptor weighs full but I'm sure its less than 100 pounds. The 700XX seems to weigh a lot, but I think it will be an awesome quad for its target audience. I can't wait to see the reviews.

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I also can't wait for the reviews! Im sure the raptor doesnt weigh a extra 100lbs with all the fluids. I think the raptor will still be sportier and a better top speed, but for the average rider that wants a little bit of everything (comfort, trail, dunes, mild jumping, easy to ride) the 700xx might just be the ticket. I think Dads and bigger riders that want to get a quad that won't break their back, but still be super fun to ride will love the 700XX. After it is a Honda, super smooth and easy to ride? From the pictures on the honda site, it looks like honda put piggy backs on the rear shocks! But on the front I don't think they are there. The weight kinda is a downer, but then again its not really aimed for the 450 racer group.