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I was on (classifieds) the other day and a dealer in SLC has one of the new KTM 450xc's on the showroom floor. It kinda got my blood running. It also has my brain churning. I'm trying to figure out how to get a 525. Why does KTM have to make something so desirable? I would have been satisfied with a 450r or YFZ (with handle bars) but NOOOO, I will be riding the 450 wondering how the 525 handled in the dunes!! Triple rate shocks, extended swing arms, 525!!, and awsome brakes! Its a sweet quad. Its even got me so worked up that the thought has crossed my mind to sell my two wheeler! (that will never happen thought)

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Dude, it would be so awesome if you got one. $9,298.00 is a pretty hefty price tag though. One other quad I've been pretty impressed with is the DS450X. It has a bunch of aftermarket stuff on it too and it is $8,399.00. Now while I still think the KTM is the better quad for us, I think the DS is pretty tempting also. I just need to make a few more pennies so I can sell the Z and upgrade.

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You are actually thinking about selling the Z!!? Oh, how cool would it be if we both bought brand new KTM 525's off the show room floor!! Have you taken the Griz out in the snow yet? I was watching at your leisure on Sat. and they were driving jeeps at the dunes and it made me want to make a trip out there to ride! What you doing on Sat. morning? I think I would take my bike, seeing that its not really the time to be flying high (or is it? More snow means more padding) I just know its tons of fun on frozen sand! Also im really in the need of something exciting.

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I'm such a sucker. Ever since I entered the Outlaw sweepstakes I keep dreaming of getting a free quad. Then I could sell the Z and put all the money into after market parts. Or more likely I'd just give it to my dad so we have 3 quads. If I don't win I'll hate Polaris forever for crushing my dreams.

I'm not ready to sell the Z just yet. If I got enough money saved up I could see myself selling it to upgrade, but I don't anticipate that happening any time soon. Especially since I'm buying Joe's truck this week.

I haven't ridden the Griz in the snow yet. Things have been crazy busy. Luckily finals are over tomorrow. I'd love to go to the dunes. I'll have to see what my wife has planned. A morning ride would be a blast. Plus Jared should be here by now. I'll have to hurry up and fix the EX.