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Mike We need to go riding this week if possible! I don't quite know how to swing it because isn't there a Easter Party at the office this next weekend? I really just want to go out in the desert somewhere to throw dirt around!

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Dude I'm up for it. We should be able to swing a few hours of riding. I'm not sure what I'll be riding. The Griz got a flat at the dunes (I should have a write up of that tomorrow) and I haven't had time to see what's wrong with it yet.

We could maybe even ride Friday after work if we can get started early enough. I could get to work an hour early and be out by 4. That should give us plenty of time to ride and not mess with the Easter egg hunt.

Let me know man.

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Where you riding the Griz when it got a flat? That sucks those Maxxis are 6ply arent they. Post what your trip was like! Im sure the weather was alright and that you had fun! If we go out to the desert you could ride your Z also I know that we could go to West mountain track if it isnt too wet. I usually get done with work at 4 on fridays and so that might be the better choice. What time is the easter egg hunt at? Im pretty sure my wife wants me to go to that! I will run it by Sarah to see if she is cool with that.

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Looks like I've got the approval for riding Friday. Let me know if you're in.

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DUDE! I got the ok also. I was thinking maybe West mtn track. I know that its supposed to rain/snow tomorrow and thrusday. So Im hoping that it will be dry enough to ride on it. What do you think. I guess we could go out past Eureka or something like that. I really don't know where else to go that is close. I really don't want to go to SF track because of the smallness of the track.

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I think I'd rather go out by Eureka or Elberta than West Mountain track. I'm more in the mood for a longer ride than just hitting the same mediocre jump 50 times.

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Im glad that you want to go out past Eureka because right know is the best time to ride out there. And as much as I wish that West Mtn would change and be better its not going to be. It will suck no matter what time of year we go!

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Well the verdict is still out on Jim. It sounds like he's deciding whether to go snowboarding with his father-in-law or come with us. Hopefully he comes with us.

I called Jared this morning too. He said he sorta had plans tonight, but he's not sure if they will go through or not.

I brought my quad to work and am ready to roll out. Let me know if we can use your trailer or not.

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Jim just called me. he isn't coming. Let me know about Jed.

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Jed has not confirmed anything yet. Rich says he is a maybe and Jake says that he hurts to bad to come. I will try to get Jed to tell what he is doing. My trailer is good to go I think, I haven't checked the tires and such. I didn't bring my bike into work because I am lazy and didn't want to get up at 5:30 am to load it.