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Last weekend I went to visit my parents in St. George and we brought along the quads for a short trip to Sand Hollow.

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Sounds Like everyone had fun except Ken, but thats how it happens sometimes. Mike I could beat you with a base ball bat! all this time I was waiting for photos of Sand hollow because I have never ridden a quad there. But maybe the vids and pics from Jared's phone well save you!! I hope you didn't poke a hole in your side wall because those never really patch well

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Oh by the way thats probably the most advanced decked out truck and trailer I have ever seen. Its pretty sweet!!

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Thanks. I put a lot of time and effort into making that picture.

I went home at lunch time to take home Levor's quads and the EX. While I was changing out all the wheels on everything I filled up the tire and I think I got it back on the bead. It held air the whole time I was there it should be good. We'll see how it looks when I get home from school tonight.

I'll try to get Jared to get me those videos. They look OK on the phone, I'm just pretty sure that's as big as they will get. So they will be like the size of a quarter on the computer =-)

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I updated the front page with the Image I intended to put there, so here is the one Sam was talking about for posterity's sake.

!/images/stash/stgeorgerig.jpg(Hand Drawn Rig)!

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Mike your children will cherish your works of art. Also its good to here that your tire is holding air, but kenny must of been flying to rip the tire of the rim and break the bead!

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Jared sent me his videos. And I guess he did take one picture that I forgot about. These are probably the worst videos we've ever had, but they are definitely better than nothing. Before you look at them just make sure you are prepared for the smallest possible video ever, and you might not be totally disappointed.

Thanks to Jared for taking the time to take them.

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Hey they aren't that bad! I thought you wouldn't be able to see them. But It gets the job done! So, Thanks Jared for the sweet Photos..and Vids.