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1 Reply posted by sam

Polaris is reinventing the wheel with this one. 800 twin small enough to be legal on all the atv trails. amazing!!! Im trying to talk my dad into buying one this spring because the are only coming out with a few in the spring and if you dont get one you will probably have to wait sometime before you can get one because they are going to be a hot item.

2 Reply posted by Mike

Sounds awesome man. I just read about it in ATV Action. Would be a great vehicle for the Paiute ATV trail.

3 Reply posted by sam

Too bad the Razor has crappy engine braking when compared to the Rhino's all four wheel engine braking!!

4 Reply posted by Mike

It seems those crazy Minnesotan's really have no idea what a mountain is.

5 Reply posted by sam

Yep, Im sure you know all about those crazy Minnesotan's. Somebody needs to bring them out here!