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I Sold both of the EX's this past week. I sold both of them in 48 hours. So I got $4,440 for the both of them. But my Dad and John are both working me over to buy a RZR with the money. Richard, Jenn, and I both want a 450 so needless to say the nothing will happen because my Dad takes forever to do anything when it comes to buying stuff. Im sick inside that the is a chance that I won't be getting a quad. I already have a few 450s scoped out that I would look at right now. So Im not sure whats going to happen.

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Dude!!!! There aren't many things that could get me so excited straight into sick to my stomach so fast. I'm so stoked that you sold the ex's but you just can't buy a razr! The whole point was so you would have a sick quad at the dunes. If you buy a razr you will be worse off not better.

I hope things work out man. Let me know.

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Its kinda Crazy working it out. But, I do have Rich and Jenn wanting a 450 and Sarah kinda hasn't made up her mind and so really John and My Dad are the only one's that are wanting the RZR over the the 450!

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Any updates on your progress towards a 450?