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I want to ride this weekend. If we can get a crew I think it would be fun to go to the dunes. If we can't I was thinking of riding 5 mile pass with the "Pathfinderzz atv club of utah":

They are going to go from file mile to Eureka and back. It sounds like a fun trip. I've never ridden with an organized club before so I thought now might be a good time to give it a try.

What do you guys have planned?

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Well, I've decided to go to five mile. Hopefully some of you can come. I'm guessing the trip will be about 6 or 7 hours. We'll be leaving 5 mile at 9:00am. We'll get gas in Eureka and drive back. The trip sounds like a blast and I can't wait to go.

I took the Griz in for maintenance and haven't heard back from them, so I'm guessing I'll be taking the Z on this trip. Luckily I just bought new Razr's so this should be a good maiden voyage for them. Hopefully it won't be too uncomfortable packing my lunch and any essential gear in a backpack.

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I don't think I can Pull a all day ride. Sarah wants to go do something, so I was thinking maybe do a picnic out past Eureka. So we can bring the bikes some shade for the girls but we won't be able to ride as much but if we get everyone together my wife would more likely want to come.

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Natalie isn't feeling up to a trip right now, especially to somewhere desertlike.

I've also kinda committed myself to the Pathfinders guys for the 5 mile trip.

What if your wife just picks you up in Eureka? =-) That way you could be done in 3 to 4 hours. She could even join us for lunch.

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How was the trip? I saw the pics and it looks like you were the only one with a High Performance ATV. Were the people cool? How long was the trip and did you make it on one tank of gas? I expect you were riding on a full sized road. Did you find any good trails?

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Heh, yeah I was the only guy on a sport quad. I was afraid I would hold the group up if we got into snow, but I guess I'm a little more experienced than some of them. We did go up one canyon that we had to turn around in because the snow was getting too deep, but I felt good that they gave up before I had to. While a lot of people got stuck, I never did.

You're probably glad you didn't come. The trip ended up taking us about 9 hours. I got home at about 7:30pm. It wouldn't have taken so long, but some guy split off from the group and went back to camp without telling us. So we looked for him for about an hour. And then when we went up the canyon that we had to turn around in set us back another hour.

If i knew the trail well enough (which I don't) I think our crew could do the trip in about half the time. I felt like I was one gear too slow almost the whole time. There were a few nice graded roads that we got on that I was able to slow down and then open up on, but I always caught the guy in front of me pretty fast.

The people were cool. There were about 25 in our group. I think the average age was probably 50. I'd do it again in a second. Everyone looked out for each other, we had some good laughs, and most importantly, I rode for 9 hours straight.

There were a ton of good trails. We rode a few full size trails, but mostly ATV trials or jeep trials.

I did make it to Eureka on 1 tank of gas. So I didn't need the 1 gallon gas can that I brought. Luckily after about 3 miles in some guy offered to carry my gas can for me. The only way I could get it attached securely was to have it hanging off my rear grab bar. So it was swinging like a pendulum the whole time.

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It sounds like you had fun. Even though you were going at a really slow pace. Its probably good that whoever was in front went slow so all those different skill levels didn't feel pressured to go fast or do anything out of their range of abilities. I wish you would have taken a picture of the gas can hanging from the back grab bar!!

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Yeah. On the way home one of our slower guys was behind me for the last few miles. I would rip through a section, then wait like 5 to 10 minutes at a corner for him to catch up, then rinse and repeat.

I can't give him too hard a time though, I ride faster than your average rider, and he is probably twice my age. This is also after we had been riding for 8 hours already, he was probably beat.

I should have taken a picture of the gas can. I was really glad he took because I'm not sure it would have made the whole trip. I did ride with it probably 10 miles though, and it seemed to be fine. I was just really paranoid and kept looking back to check on it. After he took it I was able to just open up when I wanted and not worry about smashing it or having it fall of or worst of all having it snuggle up against the muffler and start on fire.