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So, the other morning I went to unlock my door and my door was only half shut. I was kinda alarmed by this, So I opened up the door and started to look for things that might be missing. Sure enough my burton gloves, brand new spy goggles, and my back pack with all my books were gone! I called the police and a cop came up and I filled out a Report and thats all they could do. There wasn't any damage to my truck so at least I don't have to worry about that. But I am really ticked that they stole my back pack!! It had all my homework, past tests, construction Master Pro., and just about everything I needed to study for my finals. Thanks to my Professors they gave all the print outs and a book. That was not a happy day in my life!!

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Dude that totally sucks. I guess you're not in CBC anymore.

I hope everything goes alright for finals. It's got to make studying harder to lose all your notes and everything.

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What happened to the photo gallery? That was my favorite part. We should go riding in the not too far future.

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Hey Jim! Yeah we should go riding. We'll probably have to go out to the desert though unless we want to ride in the snow.

As for the gallery, the database of the gallery program I was using got corrupted somehow. I still have all the files but there were other things about that software that I didn't like anyway. So I'm writing a custom gallery right now. I hope to be finished soon and then I'll put the gallery back up.

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P.S. How's the new kid?

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Wow someone posted something recently? I really miss that days of when we would go ride like every weekend. Its been quite sometime since I have posted anything. I check every once in a while to see if I could take a gander at all the sweet photos we took. But from the sounds of it mike has been holding out on us.