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Wow what a great trip. We had a good turn out. Sam, Sarah, Jed, Katie, Jim, Eric, Joe, Micah, and Me. That trailer of Jedâ??s is awesome. We got 8 Quads in it. And by putting His bike in the back of the truck we were able to carry all the quads and gear in 1 vehicle.

We camped at White Sands like usual; although there were a lot of people so we had to camp clear down the road. It wouldnâ??t have been a great camp spot, but since we slept in the trailer and didnâ??t have a fire, it was pretty much perfect.

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Hey Mike! I really enjoyed the report on the trip and have to say I am so jealous I could cry! But my senior prom was awesome! Your pictures were way aweome you really need to take a digital camera because they do get a bit blurry. And you guys should tak

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The problem with taking a 500$ digital camera is that sometimes the wind blows alot and sand gets everywhere. One time Jeff's Old girlfriend took a nice camera and the sand ruined it. So i'm kinda paranoid. Next time I'll get an 800 Speed camera, they are better for motion.

Sorry about your comment getting cut off, I had my database set up to only allow a maximum of 255 characters. But it should be fixed now.

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Sounds good, the pics are awesome but they are just a bit blurry in spots! So did Micah ever catch any air on his Banshee?

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Not really. His bearings on his rear axle are ruined. So he was afraid to jump. He did a little, but not really more than you saw in Erics picture.