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Well our latest trip to the dunes was pretty fun. Most everyone went down on friday night, but I wasnt able to get there till saturday morning. We had a big crowd. Jed invited 2 friends who brought girls. Jim invited 3 girls. Mere came with her boyfriend. Then there was Me, Jared, Doug, Katie, Will, and Sam. Putting our initial number at 15 people.

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will, you got those pics up fast...hah it looks like umm we are getting old or something....well at least i am i dont think we found a good jump the whole time. Maybe is was b/c we were riding alot slower than usual. but it was way fun. Thanks for this sight bro. sam

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if i did my math right there was 16 that slept over and 17 w/you i think we need a better camera. and better jumps. but we still had a blast i loved having the huge party even if some people had to ride double and we had to go slower than usual. mike talk to uncle Levor about fathers and sons pictures he has some realy good ones.

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Your right, I guess even though I listed you, I didn't count you and Jim.

As for the camera, I can't justify digital, because the sand is so harsh, so I think I'm just gonna buy a 35mm camera that takes fast pictures. then we can just take a few rolls of film. I figure if I spend between 20 and 30$ on the camera, I can probably afford a new one every year for the price of disposable's.

I'll talk to Levor, and also to Jim, I know Jim had some video footage of one trip that i'd like to put up.