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So since we took Jeds digital camera this time, instead a crappy disposable like usual, we got a ton of pictures. We also got some video footage. A first for us on a dune trip. They were real short clips, but being video they were pretty hefty in size. So instead of just uploading all 347 megs worth or trying to compress all the different vids, I threw together a little vid in iMovie.

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Dude, looks like there are no trips to the dunes for me this year! hah well at least the winter season is upon us and snowmobiling is around the corner....Hey have you sold your honda to buy a griz? You guys got some sweet air thanks for the quicktime movie also

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Yeah man, we hardly went at all this year. Hopefully we can get some good pics of snowmobiling. Of all the trips you guys did, I only got 1 set of pictures. So hopefully we can step that up. The more we look at the budget the more I think I might have to wait on the griz. It pains me to even think of it, but we might have to wait till tax returns come around or something. Those things are just freaking expensive.

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I know bro. It sucks growing day when we are rich it won't matter as much to spend all that dough on a toy. I cant hardly wait for more snow to come. we are right in the middle of the period between the end of fall and the beginning of winter. The problem is that I can't decide if I want to put my bike up for the winter or keep it out a little longer. Either way we need another big storm in a week or so to give us another 2 to 3 feet of snow. Those dang long tracks dig down in the snow. I also don't have the money to replace my Rev if I hit a rock or stump.

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Shoot, I have tons of pictures and movies of us snowmobiling last year on my comp here at work. You want me to burn a CD? In fact I have some sweet pics of us stuck on this huge hill. I really need to get those to you....

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Mike, if you don't want to post all of the pictures that I just gave you than make a iMovie with them.

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I will post em, Just been busy.

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sorry Bro. I wasn't trying to pressure you in putting them up. That wasn't my intention. I know that you are busy, heck I'm just stoked that you even do this website.....sorry if you felt like I was getting on you about not putting up the pictures.

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No worries man. Pics are up. I'll get to the video's when I can.

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Bro. rumor has it that there might be a chance that the Griz is back on the list? Did you read the shootout in the latest Dirtwheels? The griz seems to be on top but followed closely by the polaris and honda.....anyhow know that the snow is flying it might be time to bring the mountain sleds out.