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The track is pretty sweet, however it isn't quite finished yet. First of all it has no jumps. This kind-of disappointed me because I love jumps. One S turn about 3/4 of the way through the track wasn't quite finished yet and had some rough spots. It was also very very dusty.

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SO how did you guys find out about this track? Where is it? It sounds like you didn't get any pictures if there was no jumps!

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I forgot to mention the wreck. Katie had a friend who was riding a Grizzly 125. She got to the very first downhill corner and flipped it. She said her brakes didn't work. But what really happened is she was going too fast down the steep hill and wasn't ready for the 180 degree turn she had to make. She locked her wheels up and rolled when she tried to turn.

It's a good example of what an inexperienced rider will do. All the rest of us had trouble on our first corner, but we opted to go off the trail rather than roll. Luckily she wasn't hurt. She was wearing a helmet but she didn't have it strapped on so after she hit the ground it rolled away. She was very lucky that the quad rolled over her and didn't hit her in the face.

The more I ride the more I realize how important a helmet is.