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Lets go riding on Saturday. I need to ride so badly it hurts. Every night I dream about riding. We can pull a 6:00 am ride and be home by noon.

Tell me you can come!

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I am the same way, I need to ride so so so bad! I couldn't get anyone to go last weekend. So, am betting that I will be able to go this weekend. I will talk to Sarah and let you know!!

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now the only question I have is if I want to bring a quad or not!!! I really want to ride my bike. the only thing is that i suck at jumping at the dunes. Also the bad thing is I sold my truck so im out of luck there also.

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Awesome! I'll try to see where my trailer is. Joe had it last, I'm not sure if it's full of snowmobiles or not. I know he is at Lake Powell for the rest of the week so I hope it isn't hard to get ahold of.

I'd prefer to go to the dunes but don't mind going somewhere else. if we don't go to the dunes I'll be riding the grizzly. I feel like I haven't ridden it in years.

I'm mostly just Excited to go. I'll talk to Jim and see if he can come.

{edit} I just got off the phone with Amy and the trailer is at their house and empty so we can take it. I'll probably pick it up Friday during lunch. I guess if we can't find another way I can probably run by your house when I'm headed to Santaquin and grab your bike.

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Jim said he can come!

What time do you want to leave. I'd prefer something like 8:00 am-whenever, but if we have too be back early I'm up for 6:00 am-whenever.

Are Richard and Jake coming for sure?

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I rather go earlier because I told my wife I would be back by 12:00pm, Rich said he was going to come but I haven't heard from Jake!!

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Jake and Rich are both in!