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We decided that it was time to go and ride Long Hollow up Spanish Fork Canyon. I don't know who's idea it was to get up and 5:15 am to ride but we got up anyhow!

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Thanks for posting man. I hope you don't mind I added a picture and some some links to your post.

The trip was a blast. I've created a "compilation video":/atvgallery/?g2_itemId=12080 but I think I'm going to try to shrink it a bit before I put it in the gallery.

I have to admit the trip was freaking early. It was nice to get home by noon, but I was so tired that by 5 I was taking a nap. You lose some of the benefit of waking up early when you end up sleeping in the middle of the day. The best part about the early ride was that we never had to ride during the really hot part of the day.

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I don't really know how to add pictures and links so of course I don't mind. I think it looks better!