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Because Jed's birthday is next month, we decided that any time we want to go camping in the near future we can use that as an excuse. Since it was "for his birthday" Jed picked our location. We headed out past Eureka, but instead of turning south towards the dunes we went west a few miles and found a nice camp spot out in the sand.

Natalie didn't really like the location, she said she'd way rather be somewhere with less sand, and more shade. Like Lake Fork or Dairy Fork or Monks Hollow or something. Anyway, there was no snow there, so that meant good traveling on sport ATV's and motorcycles. Natalie and Kate and I brought my father-in-laws camp trailer, so Kate would be tied down.

The riding was pretty good. When we were with the girls we rode down a couple OK trials, but nothing spectacular. Once we ditched them we found this endless ravine. It could have been a bit more fun if there wasn't so much sage brush and dead wood in the bottom, but it was still a blast. It opened up every couple minutes of riding and provided some OK to crappy jumps. I think it was built a little more for motorcycles than quads.

On our way back to camp from our long "guy only" ride, we found another ravine that was a little more open and provided some better jumps for the ATV's. Hopefully I can get the pictures from Jed. Still nothing like the dunes as far as jumps, but we had a lot of fun nonetheless.

The weather was perfect while riding, but did get a little hot at camp. And the lack of shade from the tree's is probably why Nat didn't think the location was all that great. I think the area would have been better if there had been more side trails. Jed claims there are somewhere, but I didn't see them. All around it was a fun trip, but I'd rather do Nutty Putty or Dairy Fork.

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The pics and vids from Jeds camera are up. Didn't you take some pics Sam?

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Yeah, My wife took some pictures so I will try and get those to you.

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Got Sam's photo's up. No action shots, just camping goodness.

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Looks like you and JIm had a fun time! How is the gravel pit? It looks like you only found some Ok jumps. But, some of your pictures look way rad though.