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Hey boys, just thought that now I have something to ride I would see if I could be part of the cowboy gang. I just got a CRF 250 R for my birthday, thanks to my amazing wife. She was very reluctant to give me this gift, and probably for good reason, but I am thrilled and love her all that much more. Thanks Sam for finding this bike and also thanks to Jed for his help with testing it all out and helping out Sam. So I am anxious to go on my first real ride with this thing. Let me know when ya all can go.

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Welcome to the site! We are super excited that you now have a bike. I also heard that you are not going to powell this week because grandma Cameron, correct me if im wrong. We would love to go riding anytime! Just let us know and we will work out something. Jed and I went up payson canyon which was a gnarly ride. The spring run off was causing the water to run down all the trails we rode on. We started at Bennie Creek and rode all the way to tenny's flat. The rode back down Pete's. We got so muddy. It was way fun though.

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Hey Jake. Welcome to the site! We'll have to go riding soon. I might be able to ride this weekend, but I'm not sure. I do have several things I have to do that i've been putting off because of school, but I might be able to squeeze something in.

What are you guys' weekly schedules? We could probably do an evening ride up Monks or Dairy Fork.

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That is correct Sam, Grandma Cameron isn't doing too well. She is still barely hangin in there though. Our trip to Powell was canceled though. As for my schedule...I am pretty flexible with work, so could probably go most any morning if we got back before 11 or any night, probably after 5 or so, except Tuesdays(young mens). This week we are gonna be gone on Thursday as well (photographing a wedding). But the weekend looks pretty open seeing we were planning on being in Powell.

A quick question...What do you guys think of Gaerne Boots? Here is a link to a clearance one at Rocky Mountain ATV... "":

Also, I rode my bike a little this morning on some foothills in Mapleton. I went with Tyson (He has a TTR90). It was really fun, and that little kid is pretty good!

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Well, I really don't know much about Gaerne. I have heard they are good boots, but you need to go in and try them on. (try on all the boots you can so you can make a proper judgement) Everyone is going to like a different boot. You also could check out different websites to find out what all the boots are going for. "": This website has a few good deals and if you want something from this site let me know because I bought your bike from them and they said they could give me good deals on gear for you. So, I would call them up if you find something. Also Im going to be out of town from thurs - sun. so I won't be able to go riding this week. My schedule is going to change now that I am in the 2 block of summer school. We will have to get some late evening rides in or early Saturday morning.

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I went to Rocky Mountain ATV this morning and bought some boots. I tried some alpine stars, those gaerne, and some A.R.C's. I ended up buying the ARC's. They were definitely the most comfortable and also felt like they had more support for the ankles. The Alpine Stars (tech 3's) didn't fit my feet right, and the gaerne boots were really nice, but when I walked or got into the riding position they dug into my leg a bit. Maybe that would go away after breaking them in, but I didn't want to take that chance. The ARC boots were a bit heavier, but I think they are pretty nice. They definitely felt the best on my feet and legs. Now I just need to go riding to try them out.

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Sweet, ARC are good boots. They are Rocky Mtn's brand and the boots are made in Italy. Jed has a pair of them and I don't ever hear him complain about them. I belive all you need to ride a bike is a helmet, gloves, and boots. So, if you have all that you are ready to ride. What color did you get? I know they have black or white, but I can't remember if they added any colors (I think they have grey also). You need to send Mike a picture of you, your bike, and all your gear.

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I was torn whether to get white or black , but I ended up getting the black ones. Looking back, the White would go with my helmet better, but I just thought they would get dirty real quick and all. I will try to email mike a picture sometime soon. What is your email address Mike? So I have all the equipment I can get for the time being. Meredith would be mad if I spent anymore of her hard earned money for a little while. I don't blame her, this stuff is pretty expensive. But ya, I am ready to ride. Tell me when and where!

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Jake my email is

I haven't talked to my wife yet, but what about riding wednesday evening or saturday morning this week?

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I can't on saturday because of the liberty press golf day! But, I am open to try for weds. I need to talk to my wife to see, because she might not be up for it.