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Did you get a chance to ride it this weekend? How does she run? We want all the dirty little details.

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Yes, I did get to ride it this past weekend. I went to CBC and rode with rich. So, it wasn't a true test. First things first this bike rips!! It pulls way harder than my last bike. Pulling a wheelie feels effortless. Also I have a hard time judging my speed because its alot faster. It's also balanced a ton better. It feels like it sits lower to the ground. Its way lighter. I love it! Things I am going to have to get used to; Kick starter not E start, Starting the bike in first gear. Roost up my back. Things I have to change; whoever owned the bike before my liked really really stiff front shocks. All the mags complained about the SXF's soft shocks. Well the springs in this baby are so hard that when I would wheelie and come down the shocks will not compress. SO I need to get them softened up, maybe lower oil level or something. I will try first to play with the compression and rebound dials to see what I can come up with. If I ever decided to jump 150 ft my front forks probably wouldn't even come close to bottoming out.

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Congrats on the new purchase! Sounds like it is a mean bike. I am excited to see it. I won't be back until Aug 7th, but I know I will be anxious to ride when I get back.

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It looks like I will need to get a new picture up for my avatar. Also for the featured quad!! Jake we ran into your Mom today at the Trolley in Springville!

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You really should watch where you are going. Someone could get hurt.

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HAH, We saw Jakes MOM! Mike!!!