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It's time for my families annual Lake Powell trip. Natalie is so pregnant we decided we weren't going to go several months ago. I wasn't terribly heart broken, because I'm not the biggest fan of Lake Powell. The only reason I go is because my family does, but if they went somewhere else I'd have just as much fun. There's nothing wrong with Lake Powell, I'm just not a water lover.

Anyway, my dad just had toe surgery, and my little brother just had hernia surgery so they decided that Lake Powell was too much work. Where do they decide to go to instead? St. George. Not just anywhere in St. George though, no not my family. The one time I don't go with them to St. George they get a house on Sand Hollow. That's right. They will wake up every day and drive their quads from the front door to the dunes. My family is spending a week at the Sand Dunes without me. That my friends is why they are an Evil Family. I don't think I'll ever be able to forgive them.

2 Reply posted by sam

DUDE, you should disown your family. You are the only, I mean the only real duner in your entire family. Jared is trying to be but its either eat or go to the dunes. maybe we will have to take a morning ride to soothe the pain!!!