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Who wants to go to Moab??? Green River??? Cainville??? or somewhere to camp and ride!

2 Reply posted by Mike

Those all sound great, but at this point I'd settle for CBC. I haven't ridden in forever.

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Hah, same! My wife is going to be in England so I will be riding as much as possible!! I am going to try to get a group together to go camping somewhere. We also should go ride Monk's to test out my new bike.

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Jake can you and Mere get a free weekend to go camp and ride somewhere? I would like to go to Moab but I would also go somewhere else. I just never really get the chance to go somewhere far away. Also if we could figure out how to car pool we could save money on gas. I am working on Jed but he seems kind of unsure becadue the bow hunt is on and he might want to hunt more than ride. Mike I know that you are in a tricky situation and you might not want to eve ask your wife if you can go. But I do have a question for you?Can you go riding at all or do you still need to be home all the time? If you can not go riding at all I understand, just that I would ask.

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I can probably do a big trip some time, but next week I'm going to Virginia for work. That means the earliest I could do it is the 19th. However I think Natalie has Enrichment on the 20th. =\ The 26th is the ward camp out. I was planning on taking Kate, but I think If I went on a 4 wheeler trip with Kate I could ditch the ward camp out.

I guess if I got someone to tend Brock on the 20th, then I could ride then. I'll have to talk to Natalie.

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I was thinking of going the 19th and 20th but I just need to get everyone together. Mike is Jared back at school? Maybe he wants to come. I was also thinking of inviting Aaron!!