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Mike they finally updated your Z!! It looks sweet and got good reviews in dirt wheels. I wish honda would have upgraded the trx400 with piggy back shocks and EFI.

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The new Z looks awesome. Adding EFI was a really smart move. I know it's coming to every quad, it just doesn't seem like it's coming fast enough. Casual trail riders benefit from EFI the most in my opinion. Racers will spend the time fine tuning their carbs to get the best performance, but a casual rider just want's his quad to work like it should wherever he is with no tweaking.

I think with Suzuki winning the AMA Pro ATV Nationals this year as well as the release of the new Z they are gonna tell a ton of sport quads this year.

I wish the EX would add nicer shocks and EFI as well. I just got a press release for the EX. Check out the changes for 2009. * New Black color joins Red/Black, Black/White. Not a lot to write home about is it?