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While it's not a true race ready quad, it's more like the Suzuki than the Can-Am or KTM, it looks like a great upgrade. They did a good job of adding new features that would appeal to both the racing and casual market.

A few notable ones. 49" width. Aluminum frame. Fuel Injection. New more powerful engine.

A few sites have written YFZ450R Previews.




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DUDE, it looks like yamaha decided to step up their game. I wonder how well it will do in the dunes?? Also yamaha has a griz 550 that has power steering. I so glad that honda decided to put IRS on there latest power steering quad. If it was still a straight axle I would have leaned towards the griz 550. As usually honda is waiting to realease anything new for the TRX450r. I am hoping they will make it way sweeter because right now I would purchase the KTM 525 or the DS 450 over the honda. I was going to get the yfz 450 over the R but, as you already know that didn't happpen. Well, honda seems to take longer but they could come out with something really sweet.

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Honda really impressed me with the Rancher. They went and added almost everything (No Diff lock, although I'm not sure its really a must have for a mid sized quad). I hope they do the same with the TRX450. It is sorely in the need for an update.

If I were shopping new the the TRX450 would be one of the lowest on my list.

Ranked right now I think i'd put the big 7 in this order.

DS450X-XC/MX or KTM 450XC/MX DS450X or YFZ450R DS450 or LTR450 YFZ450 or KFX450 or TRX450 or Outlaw 450MX

The top 3 groups would be distinguished by price. Buying new I'd try to get as close to the top as I could afford. That leaves the bottom row off my list completely.

Keep in mind however, the older I get, the more I think the Raptor 700 has enough suspension for anything I want to throw at it. Which mean's I would probably choose it over any of the 450's.

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well Honda just annouced that the crf450r dirt bike has efi. So maybe they are working on a new trx450r or they might just play it safe and just make minor adjustments. But it doesn't make any sense now that yamaha built a totaly new bike! Yamaha is honda biggest rival! I don't think Honda will sit back and watch everyone including yamaha kick their butt in the stock wars. I think Honda should do what ktm did, build a Offroader and a motocrosser! Well the only thing is that would be more expensive but that elimates the need to build a bike that kinda does both.