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1 Reply posted by Mike

Well, I just bought some new Elka's for the Z. Hopefully they get here next week.

2 Reply posted by sam

Bro. My wife reminded me of all the things "we" need to buy. So im thinking that the shocks arent in the budget at the moment. Let me work on my Dad and maybe he will see the value in them. Anyhow, Im way stoked for you. Elka's seem to be the best shock out there. And finally we will get to see how they are in the real world.

3 Reply posted by Mike

Let me know what your dad says. My wife really wants me to sell them to make up for the price of the Elka's. If you can't do it i'll try Jed, otherwise there is some guy online who has already said he'd buy them.

4 Reply posted by Mike

I bought a new Moose Racing bumper. Have to get pictures up soon, I really like it.