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The first thing I noticed when we got there was that I was the only guy on a quad. Everyone else was on a dirt bike. I'm still not sure if this was a sign of things to come, or if dirt bikes are just that much more popular in Utah.

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Well, over all I thought the track was fun! I do wish that the beginner track would have been groomed better. We could also do without the mud and water holes. I think its a great Idea to water the tracks but over watering creates more problems than dust. We couldn't clear the big table tops because of the mud. I the advance track was a ton better but lame for Mike because he couldn't ride on it. The jumps were all huge and by the end of the day I was only clearing 3 of them. I had a hard time keeping my speed around the corners also this being my first time at a track I was way timid and didn't have a clue how to clear the jumps so next time I think I will do a ton better. Though I think the beginner track would have easier for me but the dang mud just made it to hard for me to ride fast. I really don't know if it is worth the time and money! I do want to go again but probably will stick to the homemade track out in west mountain. Oh by the way, Mark O and Will have started laying out a track in west mountain. I went and rode it the other day and its pretty fun but still needs a ton of work. I am not sure how or where the track goes it kinda just goes into nothing after a jump. They have a table top that sucks and needs a ton of work. They do have a small step up thats fun. The best jump is a natural jump, but the landing is hard (not sloped enough). But with a ton more work it should be pretty awesome.

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Just to give you a bit of info!! Dirt bikes are declining in sales and have been so for the past few years. ATV's sales are increasing. SO, I Jordan river was smart they would either build or let riders ride on a better bigger track.

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It seems like the track has a chicken and egg problem. If I was in charge of the track I might think that there is no reason to do more stuff for ATV'ers because hardly any ATV'ers use the track. ATV's might be more popular in general, but they certainly aren't at the Jordan River track. Then again, I think one of the main reasons no ATV'ers use the track is because it sucks for ATV's.

I doubt we'll see a change any time soon. Oh well...