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Yesterday after work I decided I would go over and ride the little track that Will and Mark have laid out. Earlier that day Will mentioned that he would be maybe working on the track after work. When I got off at 6:00 I cruised out there and when I pulled up to our motorcycle trailer I realized I had forgot my keys!!! I was pretty ticked because I was loosing daylight quickly. So, by the time I got my bike unloaded and my gear on, the sun had dipped below West Mtn. When I got close I could see Will had been hard at work. There was a bunch of new dirt that had been tossed around. I took my warm up lap and started at the small table top. Well the new table top is way better (But is too easy to clear). What is really sweet is the natural table top has been turned into a huge step up. The first time I hit it was quite the rush. ITS A FREAKIN COOL JUMP. I found that you could just cruise off it and because the lip throws you so high its really easily cleared! (It could be even bigger) Then there was two new doubles the first one is pretty big but I cleared it easily because of the long straight away in front of it. The second double was too big (but I went and fixed it). Anyhow the track went from, I would get bored in about two laps to a really fun track. I also worked on the old smaller step up that could also be bigger. The ruts were getting really bad and so i took the back hoe and shaped it better. Well, Mike all I can say is you need to come out and ride it!!! Will said he wants to work on it some more after work. But, I know that Wade was mad because Will tore it up! So, I don't know if he will be working on it. Wade will be going out of town to hunt Elk. SO i am sure it will be even a sweeter track by next week. I am planning on going out there after work.

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Dude it sounds great. I wish I could come tonight but I have to work till at least 7. You'll have to get some pictures of at least the track so we can have some idea of what it looks like.

What do you mean when you say Will tore it up? He changed it from what Mark had in mind?

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Pictures of the Track

Thanks for the pictures, it looks pretty sweet. I can't wait to give it a try. We'll have to take a real camera next time and get a ton of pictures. I still also want a picture of your bike for the spotlight part of the site.

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Yeah the pictures are pretty terrible!! I need to clean my bike and pick a good location to snap a photo of it. I don't want it to be just a dumb "ok" picture. I needs to look good and have a good background. Mark O just told me that he and his boys are planning on going down to ride the track tomorrow. I don't think I can go because I need to spend time with my wife!!