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Hey Mike I heard you mention once that you and Jared wanted to start a podcast! Was this podcast gonna be about Quads and such? I it would be really fun and give us a excuse to hangout out more and also we could take a video camera to different locations! I would be sweet to give reviews of areas we go! Maybe even give reviews on the stuff we ride.

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That was the general idea. Jared is purchasing a green screen that he wants to practice with, and he has a nice $2000 video camera. So we were going to take still pictures and maybe use my video camera when we go on our trips, then come home and do a talk show like podcast with the green screen and nice camera. then we could show pictures and video's from our trips and talk about them.

We also thought about doing Quad reviews. But not like a magazine does them. Like a poor person does them. We would just review whatever quad we had on hand, eventually borrowing and reviewing every quad in the family. Some reviews may be less helpful, (This 1997 Timberwolf just doesn't have much power compared to my Grizzly 700. It also has bent handlebars which make it hard to steer. etc...) I just think it would be funny to treat whichever quad we find as if it is brand new, whatever condition it is in.

We were gonna ride last weekend, but ended up being too busy. Sadly this semester is so busy I don't see a free weekend in my future for at least a month.

Let me know if you have any more ideas.

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This sounds like it would be pretty fun. We just bought a brand new sweet camera, so I can use our old backup camera on location now. (by old and backup it is still pretty good...Rebel XTi 10mp) Anyway, I can take that one with us when we ride and I also have an HD Video Camera, but it was about 5k so I can only use that for at home stuff (like the green screen and what ever.) I think the podcast thing would be a lot of fun.