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Hey if you guys need any parts let me know and I will see if I have them.

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That's awesome. I think my quads are working pretty good right now aside from leaky tires. I'll have to see what the culprit is there, hopefully I don't have to buy new rims or tires. Oddly enough it is the front right tire on both quads. I must have an unknown blind spot there.

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That reminds me! I have two of my old 400ex stock rims sitting in my backyard that need to be used. Do you want them? I can bring them to work and you can take a look at them. I think they hold air just fine and I haven't looked close but I don't thing that there is any major dings! Let me know!

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Yeah man I'd love it if I can have those rims. Jared apparently bent the rim on our EX and we need to replace.

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K I will bring them in tomorrow if I don't forget!!

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What is your website?

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