7 reasons why Utah is a great place to ride ATVs.

October 23, 2011 at 8:10 pm

  1. Utah residents love ATVs: a large number of residents own and ride ATVs on a regular basis. Utah is so ATV friendly that a lot of the smaller towns allow ATVs to register and operate on regular roads. Take a look online to find out which cities will allow you to ride on the streets. Making your ATV street legal is simple and inexpensive.

  2. Climate: Utah is diverse and has a lot of different temperatures. Within a few hours riders can leave the snow covered north to ride in warm southern Utah in the winter. Spring and fall offer as much trail riding as any avid rider could ever handle, and the summer brings along the best of the dunes. There is no month in the year when you can't get out and ride. Dozens of websites give great trail reviews and sell custom maps.

  3. Moab: Do I really have to say anything more? Moab is no little secret and it's popular for a reason. Aggressive trails and beautiful red rock will blow your mind with its beauty. The Moab area has hundreds of miles of trails and is a great place to spend a few days or weeks riding.

  4. Trails, trails, trails and more trails: Utah hosts some of the largest and most fun trails in the country. Paiute and Arapeen just to name two. Utah has millions of acres of public land and thousands of trails.

  5. Jamborees: Utah is the host to dozens of ATV jamborees. Jamborees are a great way to enjoy new trails learn about awesome products and spend a week riding with other ATV enthusiasts. Jamborees are a great place to network as well and enter in to win tons of prizes.

  6. The Best Snow On Earth: The snowpack in Utah is famous and if you haven't had the chance to take a winter trail ride then you haven't lived. Riding in the snow is a blast, snow flowing over your front racks and pulling yourself out of waist deep snow with your winch is a great way to spend an afternoon.

  7. Fight to ride: Utah residents are fighting to clean up and open more trails on a regular basis. Residents love the outdoors and want to keep the land open for public use. Riders are conscious of the environment and know that taking care of the existing trails will only open the door to more.

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