Better late than never

October 13, 2006 at 8:10 am

Today was a great day. Jason and I woke up early so we could be to Wade's house by 8:00 am, thinking we could get to the dunes by 9:30 or 10. Promptness just wasn't an option it seems. After getting all their gear ready we were and moving the cows from one pen to the other we got in the car and were ready to go. Little did we know that after grabbing a new flag so we had enough for all the quads we would drive by the house to notice some calves were out. We spent another 20 minutes or so chasing the calves. To sum a long story up, we got to the dunes around 12:30pm.

Who went? Me, Jason, Will, Harrison, Burke, and Wade. Kindof an odd crew I know. It was Jason's first time to the dunes, and while he was a little hesitant he had no trouble getting around. He says he had fun, and I hope he can go again with us sometime.

It is UEA weekend so the white sands area was pretty packed. We ended up camping way north in some grassy field. This put us a ways away from the dunes, but since we arrived so late we figured we would only do one real trip anyway.

After not too long Will found a pretty sweet jump. It was a bit of a table, so if you didn't jump far enough the landing was a hair rough. He caught some awesome air and did a heal clicker that I think/hope we got on camera.

There was also a small jump next to the big one Will and I were hitting that Burke caught some sweet air on. He just kept hitting the thing and getting braver and braver until he hit the end of his landing zone and did a little bit of a nose dive.

After that we did the usual dune riding hitting anything small we could find searching for the next big jump. We found some bowls and a half bowl that Jason really liked. He said doing bowls was his favorite thing to do in the dunes.

We did find one more big jump. We didn't quite go as high as the other, but it had a great landing, and was a ton of fun. I think I should have mb tried hitting it in fourth because I had it pretty much pinned in third and just wasn't jumping as far as I wanted. Even though I did get some good air. This is when Will decided he was ready to give the quad a try and he got some serious air on Jason's 400EX.

I see all these posts on forums all over and everyone bags on 400's. "They cant jump at all." "No Power". Man, I love 400's. Sure the 450's are nicer, they are also more expensive. And on a 400 I can jump as far or further than I'm comfortable with. What does it matter if a 450 could jump further. It can't with me as the rider.

Anyway enough with that rant. After this jump some random kid asked if he could hang out with us a bit before he went back to his camp. That sounded fine to us. He had a z400 with a pipe. Well he hit that jump a bit with us, not catching much air, but more than Burke and Harrison were.

So we travelled pointed our quads in the directly of camp, because we were all starting to get thirsty. On the way there we found an awesome step up. I wasn't even thinking of using it as a step up as we drove up to it, but after jumping a little further than I planned and barely clearing it w/ my fronts, I decided it might be cool. It was =-). Will and I must have jumped it 20 times each.. It's hard to describe how cool step up's are. But they are probably my favorite thing at the dunes.

I told you about this kid who was riding on the z400 right? Well he decided to try it. Nope not quite far enough. He hit it 5 or six times, in just the wrong spot. Fronts barely clearing, backs slamming into the second lip. He could have had it easily, he had the speed, but he would always let off that gas right at the top of the jump. After I told him to pin it all the way up like 4 times, with him slamming the wall each time, he finally left. Poor guy.

Sounds like an awesome day right? It was, but I haven't told you about the best part. Right after that kid left, Harrison shows his stuff. He'd been jumping ok today, sometimes beating Burke sometimes not, but nothing spectactular. We're talking about this kid thinking of leaving the spot and Harry goes to do the step up. We think he's gonna do it like he and Burke have been doing, just a small jump so they land before the step. Nope. Harry clears it! It was the coolest thing I've ever seen. Here comes Harry jumping with the big boys.

It was an awesome day and I can't wait to go again.

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