Big bore sport quads

October 24, 2007 at 5:10 pm

ATV Scene has a pretty good article on the Polaris Outlaw 525 IRS. They state some things that I kinda thought were obvious. It makes an awesome trail machine. You can take it to the track, and it should do better than a 400 class machine, but it isn't going to take the jumps like a 450.

jimraptor This got me thinking of some of the other big (and when I say big I mean larger engine than a 450cc racer) quads on the market today. You have 2 options from Polaris. The 525 S and the 525 IRS. KTM has it's 525XC. Yamaha has its Raptor 700. Kawasaki has the KFX700 and Honda rounds out the group with its 08 700XX. Of all the major manufacturers only Suzuki isn't represented.

This is an interesting market. These are powerful machines. They all have reverse. They excel in the woods and at the dunes. Their mileage varies at the track though none are incapable. Most are roomier and therefore much more comfortable for bigger riders. I wouldn't say they are the best in any one class. I've seen enough souped up 450's beat souped up raptors in a drag that you'll have a hard time convincing me they are superior in that regard, and once you get deep mud or snow a 4x4 is clearly superior. However their versatility makes them tempting purchases.

I guess what makes this market so interesting to me, is that I think it is the market for 90% of sport class riders. If you go out to buy a new quad and you don't race MX or do freestyle then you shouldn't be looking for a quad with the stiffest suspension and the hardest seat. You shouldn't have to get off of your quad and pull the sucker backwards if you get in a bad spot. Your quad shouldn't be too wide for the trails you ride on. Well that's the 450 class. I think people buy race quads because they here they are the fastest or that they are what the pro's ride, but if you don't race Pro MX do yourself a favor and buy a quad with a comfortable quad.

The new 700XX I think the big bore class of quads will have enough suspension for most people. They definitely have enough power. The Outlaw and 700XX have IRS which for the big trail riders is a bonus. It wouldn't surprise me if the KFX got updated with IRS soon as well. For the average rider I think this is the class to beat.

Next time you are looking for a new sport quad don't just go with the 450 because it's trendy. Next to that 450 is a big bore quad this will most likely fit your needs better.

Posted by Mike