Goshen Canyon Track

April 28, 2008 at 11:04 am

Saturday Jed invited me to go riding. His sister Katie has a friend who is building a track up Goshen Canyon, so he decided to go camping with them. I ended up driving there in the morning.

We got ready to ride and Jeds brother Will told us that we weren't supposed to ride on the track. This made us kind of frustrated, since it was the whole reason we came. We decided to explore the surrounding trails instead.

Let me tell you something that really frustrates me. We ride down this trail that goes up and over the mountain. We get to the bottom on the other side, get ready to turn around and see a sign that tells us the road we just came on is restricted to motorized vehicles. I promise there was no sign where we started. I try my best to only ride on designated trails.

I know that there are lots of people doing their best to shut down as much of the world as they can to ATV's. It just frustrates me when there are no signs, or more likely, someone has vandalized the signs and torn them down. The guy who owns the track did say that it was private land, but the owner doesn't mind people riding on the trail, at least on his side of the mountain. So hopefully we didn't contribute to the negative attitudes towards ATV's.

Anyway back to riding. This "Illegal" trail we rode on was pretty cool. It had some really steep and rocky sections. Jed ended up flipping a rock lose and doing a 180 on his bike. I know it kinda hurt when is handlebars hit him in the side, but I must admit it looked pretty cool from behind.

I have to say though, that this trail really helped impress me with how good a rider Jed's wife Tiffany is. Some of these sections were quite steep with rocks all over the trail. There was also a long section that was very off camber. She kept up with us and didn't complain a bit. I know my wife would have made me drive up some of the hills.

I did say this was about a track didn't I? When we got back from our little private property excursion, we drive towards camp and see Will and his friend racing around the track that we were told not to ride on. Apparently he was wrong, and we could ride on the track. It's a good thing too, because there were no trails around. Everything trail but the one we had gone on was gated.

The track is pretty sweet, however it isn't quite finished yet. First of all it has no jumps. This kind-of disappointed me because I love jumps. One S turn about 3/4 of the way through the track wasn't quite finished yet and had some rough spots. It was also very very dusty.

I've never ridden on a real track before so I was pretty excited to give this one a try. This track had some crazy turns. There were 2 U-turns on the down hill slope of very steep hills. I have to admit my first lap around the track I wasn't ready for how steep the hills were nor for the turn I would have to make on them and I went off the track both times. Despite my set backs, I was able to get around the track faster than Jed on his bike, Katie and her friend on a Raptor 660, and Tiffany on their 400ex.

After our first race we lined up with Will and his friend on their CR450's, Jed on the Raptor, and me on my little Z. Let me just say that power makes a big difference. There are a few straight-away's that go up some hills and the bikes and Jed were able to really pull away from me. I tried to catch them in the corners but between the golf ball sized rocks Will was spraying at me and the dust so thick I couldn't see 5 feet in front of me I decided I really didn't mind losing this 1 lap race.

Jed, Will and I then did 2 Timed laps each. Will went first and did his first lap in 2 minutes 35 seconds. I went next on and did 2:38. I must admit it felt pretty good to be so close behind will. Jed then did a lap on the raptor at 2:36. For lap 2 Jed rode his 400ex and got 2:51. Will got 2:33, and I shaved a second off to get 2:37.

For comparison one of the top racers in the country did the track a few weeks earlier and got 2:18, and Katie on the raptor was able to do a lap in 3:05. That means I'm about as much better than Katie, is a Pro is better than me. I think I can live with that.

I have to admit the competitor in me really wanted to beat Jed. It did make me feel a little better to know that on a similarly CC'd machine I beat him by 15 seconds, and and he only beat me by 1 second on the Raptor.

After our timed laps we headed back to camp for a snack. We asked the owner if we could use the bobcat sitting there to build a Jump. He said yes, so we tried to build a table top out of a bunch of dirt that was lying around, but the bobcat was having issues. The track owner then came over and started to build us a jump with his back hoe. He was making good progress, but then started too feel paranoid about people suing him for using this jump on an unfinished track. So he stopped.

He turned a dirt pile into the worlds smallest table top. It was OK to jump off of, but definitely not what we had in mind. Will found a way to jump off the side and land on the jump which was pretty sweet on his bike. Jed and I kinda just drove over the jump a few times. I tried to actually jump it twice, and came as close to crashing as I have in a long time. We're talking landing on 1 tire leaning completely the wrong way and getting slammed forward on to the other corner of your quad. This was a bike only jump it seemed.

I know Tiffany got several pictures of us hitting the jump, although she missed me almost crashing because she was too busy waiting for me to die. I'll try to get Jed to post the pictures.

When the track is done I think it will be awesome. They are hoping to have it ready so it can be used for WORCS this fall. There will also be at least one more track added to the area. I hope to go back in a month or so when things have come closer to completion and there are actually jumps.

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