GTThunder Rebuild Service

April 17, 2007 at 11:04 am

Over at I'd been told a lot of good things about GTThunder as an alternative to buying new shocks. So when my dad asked me to rebuild his 400ex for my brothers I decided to give GTThunder a shot. Picture of rebuilt shocks

I bought a set of 450r shocks off ebay for $300, and then sent them to GTThunder with the stock rear shock. The turn around was a little under 3 weeks. It probably could have been faster but I sent them slow shipping on a saturday. It was about $30 to ship all 3 shocks.

The service rebuilt the shocks, set them up for a 235lb rider, made the front shocks dual rate, and provided a new rear linkage for a little under $780. That put me just over $1100 for a new front and rear suspension setup.

When I got the shocks back and tried to install them I noticed that with the new linkage the shock touched the swingarm. This freaked me out. So I sent GTThunder an email, and within an hour I had a reply explaining that on install this would happen and was normal. When I asked how to get the shock on they told me that the spring had enough give to make it fit. I decided to trust them since they are the experts, and got the shock on.

A little note on customer service. These guys replied quickly and helpfully to every email I sent. They explained that the rear shock touching was normal, and would be OK once the shock was on, but if I wasn't comfortable with it they could change the shock so it didn't touch, it just wouldn't be as comfortable. I was really impressed with how prompt and helpful they were. A+ for customer service.

This past weekend Jim and I were able to go to this little track to try it out. Remember I set it up for my brothers, so the shocks were a little stiff for me, and I'm sure very stiff for Jim. I have really liked the shocks on my Z, and have been quite proud they they are nicer for jumping than the EX's and even Jim's Raptor 700's shocks. We hit a few jumps at the track, and I can't wait to upgrade the Z. This track had some pretty crappy landings, and the Z would land hard and bounce on landing. The EX landed smooth and set you up for the next jump. You can find more pictures and a few short clips of us at the track here.

I'm very pleased with the quality of the work. I will definately be sending my rear shock off the Z into them to get rebuilt. I was going to do the fronts as well, but I found a deal on Elka's that I can't pass up. This does mean that we'll be able to see how 450r rebuilds compare to Elka's.

If you are looking to upgrade your shocks I'd definitely recommend GTThunder. Their service and quality are awesome.

Posted by Mike