Honda's 700XX

April 03, 2008 at 6:04 pm

In the ATV section of they have a ride review of Honda's new 700XX.

It is a very intriguing quad. For my type of riding I think it is still a little heavy, but for most people it sounds like it has a lot to offer. Here few things about the 700XX that I found interesting.

Front-Shock.jpg It has dual springs on the front shocks. Hard to tell from most of the press photo's I've seen, but you can see it in the photo to the right. This is supposed to accomplish what a progressive-rate single spring would but in lighter and more compact package.

Honda really wanted longer A-Arms in the rear to help reduce camber changes. They did a few things to alleviate this.

First, it has 11" rear wheels. This allows the hubs and knuckles to reach further into the rim. It's weird seeing a quad with a larger rear rim than front rim, since it usually goes the other way.

Second, the chain and sprocket are located very close to the center of the quad (33mm to the left to be exact). However the countershaft comes out of the engine in the same place it does on all quads. So Honda designed a compact set of gears and shafts that allowed them to place the sprocket as close to center as they needed.

700XX Engine Thumbnail

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