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October 27, 2005 at 8:10 am

Well our latest trip to the dunes was pretty fun. Most everyone went down on friday night, but I wasn't able to get there till saturday morning. We had a big crowd. Jed invited 2 friends who brought girls. Jim invited 3 girls. Mere came with her boyfriend. Then there was Me, Jared, Doug, Katie, Will, and Sam. Putting our initial number at 15 people.

Jeds 2 friends both had YFZ450's with paddles which I was really hoping they would put them to the test, so we could see how good they are. However, they aren't as good of riders as us, so we weren't able to get a real comparison. Maybe someday.

I gotta say, Will is amazing. That kid has the perfect combination of wight, nuts, and talent to get some awesome air. He jumped the highest and the furthest on pretty much everything. Jed is getting tons better on his bike. His skill and confidence are both improving enough to = big air. He's not on the same level as Will, but he's still fun watching.

The only other notable thing that happened was that I wrecked. I was hitting this pretty big stepup, and hit it at the wrong angle. So i caught my back left tire, and started bouncing all over the place. I think I could have pulled out of it, except after one of the bounces I was kindof doing a handstand on the handlebars, and my front tires caught a lip in the sand which threw me off and flipped the Z over. Luckily the handlebars acted as an anchor in the sand so it didn't smash me. The damage amounted to some bruised and bloodied knee's on my part, and bent handlebars on the Z.

I wish we could have had the wreck on film, but at least we did get some good pictures of the day which should be up soon.

[Pictures are up][/cakegallery]


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