Jared's First Dune trip

September 19, 2005 at 8:09 am

Absolutely incredible, the best two words for my first trip to the dunes with a few of the other four wheeler cowboys. Jed, Mike and myself. Also Harrison and Burke, and last but not least Jed's new girl friend. (by the way this is Jared). Well although Mike and Jed were a little disappointed with the sand it was pretty hard and the peaks had some pretty huge drifts so it was tough to find the perfect jumps, that Mike and Jed were accustomed to. But the riding was still great, and the weather was pretty good too. We found a jump that Jed and Mike liked quite a bit pretty early off, but after hitting it for a while we drove around for a long time couldn't find anything to awesome.

After taking a quick break for water and rest we headed back out and we found a pretty good jump that everyone enjoyed. We were catching pretty good air, not too high but we could fly pretty far. Jed was the only one who had a real hard time jumping, he rode his bike the whole time which wore him out. After completely hammering the lip off of that jump. Jed and Melissa headed back with Burke. So Harrison, Mike and I stuck around for awhile and we found a pretty awesome Step up jump.

We were flying at least 40 feet up the step up it was pretty awesome, and the landing was awesome too. We got a few good pics, hopefully at least one decent one of me, took me pretty long to get used to the sand. Although my mishap off of a lip by the step up was probably the best jump of the day. I was cruising over to hit the step up one more time and took off the lip in 4th. I had no Idea it was such a big lip and big fall! But I caught pretty big air. In a whole the trip was great, I had a blast and I think everyone else enjoyed it. And nobody was injured. Cant wait till next time!!!!


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