Labor Day Fun

September 07, 2011 at 4:09 pm

Few things on earth are better than taking a nice day off and hitting a dirt road on my quad. Monday morning around ten my wife, brother in-law and I and all headed up American Fork Canyon for a ride. Lauren and I moved to Highland around a year ago and have found AF Canyon to be an awesome resource for outdoor recreation. We have been Hiking, Fishing, and Jeeping over the last month and loved it. The Jeeping was great and we wanted to hit the trails for a quad ride.

Unfortunately it was an impromptu ride and I didn't take the camera so the documentation is weak, the good news is it just means Mike and I will need to head up soon and make a Podcast out of it. We took the Suzuki Z400 and the Honda 400ex which in hindsight was not the best decision. The main road consists of mild rough spots that were a ton of fun on the sport quads and some nice open trail where we could really let loose. However the canyon has dozens of off break trails that are better suited for Jeeps or bigger quads, so when Mike and I go back we will take our big quads. Most of the break off trails were fairly aggressive and a bit rough for our two-wheel drive quads. The bigger quads offer such a softer ride and open a much larger can of fun when coming to the bigger rocks. With the smaller quads we spent most of our time dodging the aggressive trails rather than enjoying them. On three different trails we turned back because I did not want to beat up the machines to much. However we road for several hours and still barely scratched the surface of where we could ride.

The main dirt trail leads you all the way to Midway which really cool. The negatives are that the trail is insanely dusty in spots and the Canyon in general is overcrowded. We were out on a holiday which didn't help but overall its a bit busier than I would like. The more off break trails you can head down the better off you are, but no matter what you will get stuck behind the occasional slow mover. The Canyon is Gorgeous and offers a lot of different types of riding. There are also a few different spots where you can look at old abandoned mine shafts which is pretty cool. If you live in Northern Utah county this is a really great place to ride.

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